Fee list

Fees for IINH services.

Hourly rate for outsourced specialist work (before VAT):

a) For specialists in category I: 17,800 ISK
b) For specialists in category II: 15,900 ISK
b) For specialists in category III: 14,000 ISK

Pest and mould identification services

Insect identification (rate for general public): 5,300 ISK.

Mould identification is charged on hourly rate (see above).


a) Fjölrit Náttúrufræðistofnunar: 1,700 ISK
b) Bliki: 2,000 ISK

Export licences

Export licence for research samples: 50,000 ISK.

Export licence for members of the general public, for souvenirs and mounted animals: 7,150 ISK.

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