Rannveig Anna Guicharnaud

Project manager

Rannveig Anna Guicharnaud

Ph.D soil sciences

  • Curriculum vitae

    Curriculum vitae


    Ph.D. Soil sciences, University of Aberdeen, 2009.

    Work experience

    2019– . Icelandic Institute of Natural History, project manager in monitoring

    2017–2019. Verkís Consulting Engineers, Specialist

    2014–2016. Self employed specialist in soil sciences.

    2011–2014. European Commission, Project manager.

    2009–2011. Agricultural University of Iceland, Lecturer.

    2006–2009. Agricultural University of Iceland, Part-time teacher.

    2004–2009. University of Iceland, Part-time teacher.

    2004–2005. Agricultural Research Institute (RALA), Specialist.

    2003–2004. University of Aberdeen, Assistant teacher.

    2002. Agricultural Research Institute (RALA), Research assistant.

  • Bibliography


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    Lectures and presentations

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